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5 Signs You're Ready to Start Your Spiritual Journey

  1. Feeling weird or different

  2. Feeling disconnected, confused, curious wanting to know what your life purpose is. Asking questions like why am I here. Feeling lost depressed because of traumas bad experiences and wanting to reconnect with self.

  3. Questioning your conditioning such as things you were taught as a child are no longer making sense or serving you.

  4. Start feeling connected to other things and beliefs like yoga and meditation and other religions.

  5. Simply longing for more. Feeling a void something's missing lack of. Feeling like there's something more and that there might be a gift that you're not tapping into.

If you are experiencing any of these feelings it's time to start your Spiritual Journey. Then you should book my Beginners Journey Meditation. In this session I will teach you the steps to Meditation & Journaling.

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